Joy: The Fountain of Youth

Passion for your work, especially when it lights up the joy within you, can have a profound impact on your sense of vitality and youthfulness. If you’re fortunate to know an older person with the spirit of a twentysomething, you know what that can look like, and if not, you’ve probably seen a video of 97-year-old gymnast Johanna Quaas.

So where does that vitality come from, and how can it keep the magic ignited in you? Finding the joy in your work can spark your vitality in a few key ways: 

Joy boosts your energy levels. 

When your work is a source of joy, it catalyzes your energy and enthusiasm to stay focused and engaged even in the face of challenges or obstacles.

Joy sparks your creativity.

Creative excitement and curiosity can make you feel more alive and vital, helping you to find innovative pathways through the work. 

Joy enhances your sense of purpose.

When you are joyful about your work, it supports your sense of purpose and gives deeper personal meaning to what you do. This helps you feel more connected to your work, your colleagues, and your organization.

Joy improves your overall well-being.

Studies have shown that people who are joyful and passionate about their work tend to have higher levels of well-being, including greater happiness, life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning and purpose. (Remember the Self-Care Mindset we talked about?)

We know it can be difficult to find joy in the midst of trying to get a company off the ground, along with maybe managing a family and all the other things currently happening on Planet Earth and elsewhere, but the joy can provide a balm for your spirit. 

If you have trouble accessing joy, our friend Cyndie Spiegel just put out a beautiful book, Microjoys: Finding Hope (Especially) When Life is Not Okay, that can help reframe your thoughts.

Go forth and be joyful! 

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