We're reframing the journey for women founders.

Why? Because women out on the bleeding edge — the ones creating the future — might just face the loneliest journey of all.

After working with women founders around the globe for a decade, we’ve noticed a critical lack of understanding that contributes to that loneliness, and ultimately results in things like the massive funding gap: By the time those women founders stand in a pitch room to share their ideas, they’ve already had to face significant challenges to be there — many of them invisible.

Things like social conditioning, parental conversations, perfectionism, and all the gauntlets that stand in the way of their confidence being fully expressed.

If we want to ensure long-term success for women founders — and those who invest in them — we need to ensure those founders are fully equipped for leadership and scale in the way that is unique to them and their life experience

So while most startup programs focus on the success of the product (as they should), we’re focused on the success of the person — and in this case, the woman — behind the product.

Welcome to IMPERIA.

Before Imperia, I was building my company but struggling with things like managing investor conversations and taking bold steps. Now we’re scaling, and I’m on the national board for my industry.

Jilly Grant
Founder & CEO, HerdAdvance
Board Member, Quality Meat Scotland

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