It might be a classroom in Vietnam, a laboratory in Botswana, a farm in Iceland, or a startup in NYC.

Wherever you are, we know you’re up to something big. You’re a woman on a mission, and you’ve spent many long days and nights trying to figure out how to get it accomplished. Sometimes you’ve had to do that in the midst of horrific circumstances, from extreme poverty, to natural disasters, to laws crafted against your freedom, and even war.

We’re here to be your place of spiritual refueling, as well as your rocket booster. And sometimes we’ll be your warm hug and a moment of acknowledgement.

Let’s face it: The road to realizing a big dream can be lonely. We are here with a potent set of resources — including women’s leadership development tools that leverage your unique skills — and a growing global community to ensure you feel supported during the tougher moments. We know what the journey feels like, and your talent and spirit are too precious not to be supported. Your dream is too important. YOU are too important.

Whether you’re a teacher, artist, entrepreneur, athlete, scientist — or anything else — we are here to serve your higher purpose. We’re bringing together women from 195 countries around the globe to be in one conversation. We started down this road in 2015 as The Concordia Project, and sought to create a better discussion in the world about equality — one that wasn’t a zero-sum game. In the process we’ve spoken to more than a thousand women around the globe who generously shared their perspectives, and gave us the insights we needed to build a virtual place they could call home. That you can call home.



These incredible women in our first cohort are from countries on 5 continents, making a difference in industries from engineering to farming, and from STEM to LGBTQ rights. Learn more about our incubator.



Do you want to be a part of transforming the globe? We’re seeking mentors for our first cohort. You can be from any field — what’s most important is your desire to guide and share your experience. Apply by June 21.