We believe that strengthening women founders from the mindset out offers them the greatest chance for success.


Less than 3% of venture capital funding goes to women founders. And though there is much talk throughout the world of “giving women a seat at the table” to solve that funding gap, the reality is: a seat at the table is not enough. It ignores the disparity between male and female founders, because women face an additional, potent set of barriers that can include negative internal dialogue, social conditioning, and questioning of their expertise.


Our founder-first approach is focused on mindset development for women founders, strengthening them from the inside out while they build, preparing them for the gauntlet unique to them. We focus on building a strong foundation inside to achieve a more powerful, self-sustaining outside. Perhaps most importantly, we meet women founders where they are, and help elevate them to their next level, giving them a stronger opportunity for success.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The global economy needs more women founders to succeed. In fact, the future depends on it.

Our Programming Gives Women Founders a Better Shot at Success

Based on our global learnings over the last decade, we have 3 tailored interventions to give a woman founder what she needs in that moment to continue building and thriving. We meet her where she is, and help her get to the next level. With our programming, women develop a strong sense of self and community, and a confidence to pursue scale while staying true to their own inner needs. 

At the end of our programs, she walks away with an increased ability to lead her startup through change and scale, including a strong sense of confidence, better agility to pivot through change, and a clear playbook for maintaining and increasing her resilience. She also becomes part of the wider IMPERIA global ecosystem of her peers, who understand her on a deep level.


She's clear she wants to change the world, but doesn't know what that looks like yet.


Self-paced video course with online (large) group coaching


She now has some traction, but needs help building out the core concept, team & structure.


Online and in-person workshops with small groups, including hot-seat coaching


She has good momentum and an MVP, but needs to become a different kind of leader to scale.


6-month virtual program with full-cohort coaching, 1:1 mentorship & private coaching sessions

What Makes It Work

Our methodology of Self-Directed Empowerment™ strengthens women founders from her mindset outward, developing the key traits for their success. Our curriculum is designed to be culturally agnostic, addressing themes that are inclusive to women everywhere. It can also be scaled up or down to suit short timeframes (workshop) and intensive projects (incubator or pre-accelerator).

What Our Participants Say

No other program focuses on self-development this way.


This is the first time I've been able to say these things out loud.


I do not react in situations that would have previously triggered me.


I've had a mindset change to reduce my worries and anxiety around my worst-case scenarios.


I have become more empathetic and listen more now that I realise I don't have to fix everything for everyone.

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I feel like I know so many other amazing women leaders now, and have made new friends. I also have someone to contact if I ever need help.

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Now Let's Talk About You

For specific programming ideas for women founders, please see our Work With Us page. Otherwise feel free to send us a note to connect. We look forward to talking with you!

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