Cohort 2 Spotlight: Ibiyemi Scott

Continuing our series on IMPERIA’s cohort members, we’re moving our focus to Scotland to introduce you to Ibiyemi (Yemi) Scott, a fashionable force of nature (and Web3) who is simply impossible to forget. Yemi was part of our pilot summer program at ONE Tech Hub in North East Scotland.

Jennifer recently had the opportunity to attend the launch of Yemi’s online fashion and art gallery, which features some of her NFT collection, and she was blown away by the seamlessness and beauty of the experience.

Yemi’s passion for life and her craft emanates from every pore, and we can’t wait to see how her trajectory unfolds.


Where are you from, Yemi, and what are you currently working on?


I’m from the Yoruba tribe in Western Nigeria, currently living in Aberdeen, Scotland and working as the Founder & CEO of my 3rd startup.

Part of my company’s offering is tailored to encourage a circular framework for the fashion industry, embedded as a bottom-up approach: 

  • Identifying excessive resource waste  within garment production processes
  • Crafting unique solutions to address these problems
  • Utilizing AI and digital technology to optimize the process and implicitly cut down operational costs by 30-40%

The process begins with using AI tools for ideation, then 3D garment simulation is done via 3D software prototyping. The garments are then presented as an immersive fashion event/retail experience viewable in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or as an interactive web/mobile UX. 

The emerging Web3 creates a future-proofing solution that encourages sustainable practices — not only for the fashion industry, but also arts, culture, hospitality and overall consumer packaged goods (CPG) sectors. 

What aspect of a future with Web3 are you most excited about? 


I’m most excited about the mass-market adoption of Augmented Reality glasses. I believe this will allow more robust cross-platform integration including: 

  • Using real-world mapping co-creation tools for product development
  • Immersive retail experiences
  • Using technology to drive sustainability at the core of every product-led business

What has become possible as a result of your participation in IMPERIA’s summer founder programme at ONE?


Since participating in the IMPERIA program six months ago, I’ve registered my new company and found a strong support system within the community of female founders that was created from our cohort. I’ve also started to network and integrate with organisations that provide a platform for me to educate the Aberdeen ecosystem on the possibilities of Web3, and how to safely explore and leverage this emerging technology.

What is your most audacious dream for where you want to be 5 years from now? 


5 years from now, I want to have received multiple government recognitions and awards for educating and positively impacting the tech ecosystem in Scotland. I  also want to be a dynamic angel investor and mentor for Web3-focused startups in Aberdeen and the entire Northeast of Scotland.


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