What to Do When the World’s Falling Apart

It has been an intense few days in the world of startups. As founders, we bear enough stress with the risk inherent in what we do every day, so when we are then subject to the bad choices or unscrupulous actions of others, it can make us want to hide under a blanket and stay there.

These Sunday Scaries might have taken on a whole new meaning for you, so what can help alleviate some of the anxiety and feelings of impending doom?

We believe in powerful actions to help mitigate circumstances like this, and here are a few we highly recommend right now:

  1. Map out your worst-case scenario if you haven’t already. Make sure Plan B has all the details it needs, and that you are connected with the people you will need to execute it. It might be unpleasant to put down on paper, but once it’s out of your head, knowing you have a plan can help calm that tornado inside.

  2. Be in communication with your team and investors so they can calm their own tornados.

  3. If you use a SAAS platform, export a copy of your data so you know you have it. Ultimately, the platform might not be affected, but again, these are the kinds of thoughts that add to the tornado.

  4. Manage your stress level ruthlessly. Per our book recommendation last month, Jeanette Bronee’s Self-Care Mindset has specific tools for managing FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

  5. If you are still struggling, DM me so we can talk through it.

You have weathered storms before. You might be wind-tattered and exhausted, but please know you are not alone.


Self-Care Sunday is devoted to you, with advice, insights, and tools to create true self-care, which goes beyond a home spa day. Not that there’s anything wrong with a home spa day. We’re in the bubble bath typing this right now.

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