The Intricate Connections of Women

“History doesn’t record the intricacies of women’s relationships with one another; they’re not to be uncovered.”

Sarah Penner, The Lost Apothecary


In February, for the first time, we brought together members of our first and second global cohorts for a discussion about self-care. We were curious to observe what our coursework catalyzed in women founders over the course of the past few years, and in comparison, the past few months.

The results were so powerful that I’m still processing them weeks later. When we began this journey that was not yet called IMPERIA, I knew I wanted to bring women together who were on a difficult road, and felt alone on its path. From my own personal journey as an entrepreneur, I knew if they could see and support each other, things would change exponentially for them as they sought to change the world.

We’re now witnessing the kind of progression that is creating company exits, PhD candidates, industry leadership, high-tech fashion design, innovation in sustainable herd management, and a continuing effort to educate Afghani girls despite the world in which they now find themselves. 

Those are results from a small fraction of the women in our community.

When I observe the stories unfolding, I can’t help but think of a rich tapestry woven with threads and fabrics from around the globe, connecting women who might never have met, but who have come to support each other in the most profound ways.

It also conjures up the above quote from The Lost Apothecary, because these are the conversations and relationships that built things like the French Résistance, or the Agojie warriors, or the Women’s March. The nuances of all of these will never be told by history, and perhaps they shouldn’t be. Some pieces are simply a function of what we bring to the conversation as women, and what that catalyzes.

This month we’re looking at that rich tapestry of connection: Why it’s important, how to do it better, and how to craft it starting with the inside of you and working outward to the rest of the world, including your own team of people. 

We’re happy to have you here as a piece of our tapestry. May it nurture you with a feeling of home.

With love from NYC,


Jennifer’s Table is a monthly editorial about our focus at IMPERIA, based on her decades as a successful entrepreneur and startup coach, her global travels, and the work we do with women founders around the globe.

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