The Critical Importance of Belonging

It might seem like the one thing missing for us as women founders is a seat at the table. Once we’re finally there, the funding and resources we so need to grow a viable idea will be available to us.


If you’ve ever been in a room where you felt like you didn’t belong, you know that…gap. Sometimes it’s a crushing void. 

If you are in the very Room Where It Happens, but don’t have a voice, and aren’t really seen or understood, you may as well be invisible.

We can see the reality of it in every report that comes out with new, ever-lower funding numbers for women-founded startups. Or every time a bunch of dudes ask a lady person (bonus for a lady person of color!) to be a figurative C-suite member.

We’re working so hard at IMPERIA to change the narrative about women founders because of these ridiculous notions. A seat at the table will never be enough. The false narrative of inclusion that relies solely on body count will never be enough. 

Until we change the context about what it means to be a woman creating a thing on Planet Earth, and what conversations need to happen around that, we are just pretending.

So for this Self-Care Sunday, know that we see you, you are not alone, and together we can change the path to the future.

Self-Care Sunday is devoted to you, with advice, insights, and tools to create true self-care, which goes beyond a home spa day. Not that there’s anything wrong with a home spa day. We’re in the bubble bath typing this right now.

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