Just Because You Said So

As women, it’s easy to find ourselves in a reactive state to the world around us, where we continually have to draw boundary lines and fight for the ground we gain. Because the world is so very slow to change (“like molasses on a Sunday,” as Jennifer’s mother would say), maybe we can use some of that archaic thinking to our advantage.

You’ve heard the phrase “just because I said so” offered when someone has run out of reasons. It is frequently the last resort of a frustrated parent. So what would happen if you used it on yourself for a change, particularly if you could use some “parenting” in the self-care department? 

Rather than looking for reasons to push that sacred time aside (that you promised yourself *cough*), you can acknowledge there really are no valid reasons to miss that scheduled time, and keep your commitment to yourself just because you said so. 

If you haven’t scheduled time for yourself, well, that’s a whole other bowl of noodles you can address in our “Defend the Perimeter” how-to.


Self-Care Sunday is devoted to you, with advice, insights, and tools to create true self-care, which goes beyond a home spa day. Not that there’s anything wrong with a home spa day. We’re in the bubble bath typing this right now.

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