pawn chess piece looking in the mirror and seeing a queen

Inclusion Starts with You

The featured image for this blog post perfectly captures what we’re trying to say on this Self-Care Sunday: It shows a cute little pawn looking in the mirror, but what that pawn sees is a queen. 

At IMPERIA we’re all about building queens and empresses (the modern kind), and so often when we talking about developing inclusion and equity we’re addressing gaps in systems. But there’s something important to remember in all of this: Inclusion begins with the inside, and you accepting and including all the parts of you.

If you don’t make room for yourself, who else will?

We stumbled upon two excellent resources to help frame that discussion for yourself:

Harvard Business Review: A Sense of Belonging Starts with Self-Acceptance

How to Belong to Yourself


Self-Care Sunday is devoted to you, with advice, insights, and tools to create true self-care, which goes beyond a home spa day. Not that there’s anything wrong with a home spa day. We’re in the bubble bath typing this right now.

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