Green Technology Around the Globe

With the impact of climate change becoming magnified each day, the volume of conversation around green technology is rising in parallel. But what does it all mean, and what’s involved, and who is working on what, where?

If you’re new to the topic, we’ve found 3 very helpful resources to frame your understanding of it all, and hope they help to spark some ideas about incorporating sustainability practices into your own life. If you aren’t new to the topic, we hope you’ll find inspiration in the initiatives and startups we discovered below. 

From “carbon capture” to “upcycling” and energy storage, this comprehensive list of terms from greenly provides an excellent overview of what’s happening around the world:

Environmental Startups

As this is a rapidly developing sector, StartupSavant has created a global list of 30 companies to watch in the environmental space, from founders working on soil technology to greener shopping and oceanic algae management:

Green Architecture

We’re very excited by the future of green architecture, and the Green Building Initiative is an international cooperative formed to reduce climate impacts with  sustainable and resource-efficient buildings. Their goal is to establish a standard of best practices for green buildings across the globe. 

We found these 5 projects to be particularly compelling — because who wouldn’t want a “parkipelago” in Denmark?


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