Fundamentals for Building Your Community

When crafting the circle of people in our orbit — whether we’re talking about our Top 5 or the larger ecosystem — it can be incredibly daunting and intimidating to know where to start. We think the insights below provide a powerful, critical foundation upon which to craft the who, why, and how of that group of people.

Establish a baseline of happiness within yourself.

For this one, we’re looking to Finland, named the happiest country in the world. What are they doing differently that makes life more fun to live?

Embrace freudenfreude.

Unlike schadenfreude, which celebrates the misery of others, freudenfreude is the exact opposite: It’s the joy we derive from the success of others. When it comes to your circle, it’s important to establish an environment and culture where one person’s win is not a loss to anyone else. This spirit of freudenfreude provides a lift for everyone, and makes you an inviting person to be around.

Create your friendships with intention.

We love us some Jane Fonda, and this clip about the way she intentionally pursues friendship can give you some excellent tools for surrounding yourself with the people you really want in your life.

Don’t network like an amateur.

Networking is really easy to get wrong. You’ve probably met that person at an event handing out business cards like frisbees, making no real connection along the way. Those cards go right in the garbage.

Thankfully, we have our dear friend and expert Kelly Hoey to guide us on how to really connect with others, and connect in ways that even make introverts happy (we say this from experience). Her incredible book Build Your Dream Network has become a tome around here.

With these resources as your guideposts, we invite you to think big, be fearless, and pursue those connections!


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