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Over the past couple of years, Anne Ravanona and I have developed a beautiful friendship rooted in making the world better for women founders. 

Everything she delivers with her company, Global InvestHer, is conveyed through sheer delight, and it’s easy to see how much this work means to her.

We met up when I was in Paris last spring after talking for years online, and this photo is in front of Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus.

As we sat in a Parisian café, Anne and I shared our top-secret projects, and she talked excitedly about a new tool she was developing to help transform the funding process in a way that is curated and transparent.

She released the tool last week, and now I understand her excitement — especially because Global InvestHer has created an exclusive offer for the IMPERIA community. Details below!

Introducing Global InvestHer’s New Funder Directory

Featuring 821 funders from 119 countries in 164 sectors, Global InvestHer’s new Funder Directory is a game-changer. The search function is so granular you can see the following critical details in a few seconds:

  • A funder’s thesis
  • How women-friendly their investments really are (on a scale of 1 to 5)
  • Their most recent investments
  • What sectors, global regions & stages are their specialty
  • How they wish to be contacted

Designed with the user in mind (that’s you), you can view search results in the way you consume information best, whether you really dig a table, or would prefer a more visual set of results. You can see Anne’s webinar introducing the directory here (and me championing her to the max, because this tool is groundbreaking).

Perhaps most importantly for you as a founder, the directory’s annual subscription cost is a steal at $199 per year. And here is where the magic happens.

Exclusive Offer for the IMPERIA Community

To celebrate the launch of our global collaboration, Global InvestHer has created something very special for the IMPERIA community: Though directory prices will be increasing, members of our IMPERIA community can lock in lifetime pricing at the $199 level, as long as you continue to renew annually. For your special access link, just sign up for our free newsletter and we’ll send it to your inbox. (If you’re already a subscriber, you’ve been sent the link in our latest newsletter). 

Thank you so much for this generous offer, Anne and team — we look forward to the adventures ahead!


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