Danielle Kayembe: Decoding the Patriarchy

Danielle Kayembe is stirring things up in the best possible way. Her white paper, The Silent Rise of the Female-Driven Economy, has made its way around the planet, garnering attention from governmental and tech groups to global game-changers like Melinda Gates. In her work, Danielle has highlighted why it is essential to have women included in the concept and design process for everyday products, which will result in things like doors that are easier for us to open, and cars that have compartments for things that are an essential but ignored part of our lives (like purses). We find it poignant how such seemingly simple things have been left unchallenged for so long, and admire Danielle for picking up the mantle.

Currently women are the largest unserved market in business as a result of coded patriarchy — the assumption of male as default and exclusion of female perspectives in nearly every domain. Put very simply, most of the structures, design, technology and products we interact with are designed with male as the default.

We’re excited to see where this road leads — for her and for women at large.

When not speaking around the world (or on TV) on this subject, Danielle also helps to bring investors to growing tech hubs in Africa, and advises social impact startups at Columbia University. We are huge fans of the good she brings to the world, and the unapologetic way in which she does so. You can learn more about her at daniellekayembe.com.

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