5 “Good News” Sources to Boost Your Spirits

There’s a reason why doomscrolling exists: Based on the news we see and hear, every day seems to bring a new level of chaos to human existence, and clickbaity news organizations love to prey upon our gloom and doom because it keeps their pockets full. For our own preservation, our team has started pulling back from reading news feeds that only make things — and us — feel worse.

As a countermeasure, we went on the hunt to find some “good news” outlets that put a different spin on the world, and one that can help ease that sense of going to Hell in a handbasket. 

We’ve included 5 below for you to peruse, along with their mission statements and details so you have the full context of why they do what they do. We invite you to dive in and replenish your stores of hope and optimism, because the road is hard enough.

Since 1997, millions of people have turned to the Good News Network® as an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media. Because of its long history, staying power, and public trust, GNN is #1 on Google for good news.

The website, with its archive of 21,000 positive news stories from around the globe, confirms what people already know—that good news itself is not in short supply; the broadcasting of it is. From our 5-star app, to our new book (And Now, The Good News: 20 Years of Inspiring News Stories), to our weekly Good News Gurus podcast, and Morning Jolt email newsletter, GNN is a daily dose of hope for millions of fans.

Thomas Jefferson said the job of journalists was to portray accurately what was happening in society. GNN was founded because the media was failing to report the positive news. In the 1990’s while homicide rates in the U.S. plummeted by 42 percent, television news coverage of murders surged more than 700%, according to the Center for Media and Public Affairs.


The Optimist Daily is a daily newsletter curated from a repository of solutions-focused, good news from around the world to sip on with your first cuppa’ each morning.

Our vision is to shift human consciousness by catalyzing 100,000,000 people to start each day with a positive, solution-oriented mindset.

Our purpose is to create an optimistic, mobilized, and solutions-focused global society committed to making the world a healthier place for both people and the planet.

Our mission is to provide a daily dose of optimism in the form of solutions-focused, good news that you can enjoy and share with those you care for. The ultimate goal is to elevate, motivate, and reignite each individual’s innate reservoir of intelligent optimism as a way of catalyzing the evolution of human consciousness.


GOODnews is a curated platform for positive journalism. Every day our team carefully selects fresh, innovative, and inspiring news with positive social, economic, or environmental impact from hundreds of solutions-focused, fact-checked sources. 

We believe that highlighting news with positive global impact will help to balance the often gloomy mainstream headlines, and keep our overall media diet healthy – and our anxiety in check.

Our vision is to shift our readers’ mindset by inviting them to enrich every day with informed optimism, with knowledge about inspiring solutions, technical innovations, human rights advances, and medical breakthroughs. 

It’s not about painting things pink or ignoring reality. It’s about opening our eyes to the incredible things already being done, solutions that are only waiting to be scaled up, policies that are inching toward saving our planet, successful conservation stories, and human rights achievements. 


DailyGood was born in 1998, when one college student started sharing inspiration with a half a dozen of his friends by sending them an enriching quote every day.

Today, DailyGood leverages the internet to promote positive and uplifting news around the world to more than 100,000 subscribers through the daily and weekly newsletters. Readers receive a news story, an inspiring quote, and a suggested action that each person can take to make a difference in their own lives and the world around them.

Oftentimes, watching the nightly news and reading mainstream newspapers it’s hard to remember the presence of good in the world. And yet it is constantly around us. The world is full of everyday heroes and true stories of transformation. They have helped sustain life down the ages in a multitude of ways, small, simple and profound. DailyGood aims to shine a light on these stories and in doing so to change the nature of our conversations. If it can spread a few smiles along the way it’s purpose is served.

Our philosophy is quite simple: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” The entire project is fully run by dedicated volunteers who contribute hundreds of hours finding the right stories and quotes. All of our content is distributed and syndicated for free. We don’t advertise or promote any products. We don’t ask for anything with the trust that whatever is needed will come.

And in the end, we are thankful that so many benefit from DailyGood because it gives us a meaningful opportunity to serve.


Positive News is the online and print magazine for rigorous journalism about what’s going right. We are pioneers among the growing movement towards ‘solutions journalism’, also known as ‘constructive journalism’.

We report socially relevant and uplifting stories of progress – ranging from the global boom in renewable energy to cities that are solving homelessness – joining the dots between how people, communities and organisations are changing the world for the better.

We publish daily online and Positive News magazine is published quarterly in print. Positive News is an independent media brand that’s structured as a community benefit society (a form of social enterprise with a co-operative ownership structure).

Owned by 1,500 of our readers in 33 countries, our profits are reinvested in creating inspiring journalism for the public benefit. Our directors are elected by and from our community of co-owners.



Global Round-Up is our Friday collection of interesting tidbits and tools from around the globe, curated to support and inspire women founders as they scale their ideas.

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