Self-Starting & Madam CJ Walker

I’m a massive fan of this quote by madam CJ Walker because it speaks to the very thing we’re committed to here at IMPERIA: You being your own source of renewable, sustainable power. In these hallways, we call it Self-Directed Empowerment™, which we’ll share more about in the coming months.

It means your well never runs dry because you always have you, so no matter what your worst-case scenario is, or how things fall apart, you can always rely on yourself to get back up again.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean you don’t need a strong support system, because there is no need to carry the burden alone. 

But if you find yourself wondering who is going to come and save you, remember: No one is coming. I wrote a whole manifesto about it.

Madam Walker provides a wonderful reminder and North Star that we are the source.


Self-Care Sunday is devoted to you, with advice, insights, and tools to create true self-care, which goes beyond a home spa day. Not that there’s anything wrong with a home spa day. We’re in the bubble bath typing this right now.

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