These books form the core of our library, as they build the foundation of the human. 
We consider them essentials for bringing your vision to life.

Entrepreneurship is a bumpy road. Prepare yourself for the potholes, sinkholes, and other kinds of ‘holes.

Make this your new favorite book. Your life — and that of your team members — depends on it.

We all have that inner voice that gets in the way. There is some deep brain work here to silence it.

The smartest book we’ve ever read about crafting a message. You can see its work right on our homepage.

This tiny book packs a whallop, because every word is effective. Very helpful for sales and pitching.

If you’re walking into a tough negotiation, the best teacher is a former FBI hostage negotiator.

Given the state of the world, this book offers a much-needed dose of optimism as we craft the road ahead.

The success of your vision relies heavily on the ecosystem you build around it and how you build it.


This is a curated, ever-expanding list of people and companies we know or have worked with around the globe. We respect them tremendously, and know the value they offer as you build your idea or company.

If you’d like to get to know us better and be added here, or know someone we should connect with, please contact us.